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Collecting the histories of West Virginia's 202,000 veterans

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Thank you for your interest in West Virginia's Veterans History Project. To tell your story, there are several options available to you.

Select one of the following options:

1. Tell your story online
The Library of Congress website offers a quick and easy way to tell your story by submitting it to them online.


2. Record your story (or a friend's) and send it to the Library of Congress **Recommended**
Start by requesting a Project Kit from the Library of Congress. The kit provides everything you need to know about recording veterans' stories. Don't just stop with your story. Contact friends who served and help them document their service as well.


3. Contact a local organization to find out if they can interview you.
Since this project is dependent on the participation of groups and individuals on the grassroots level, keep in mind that some organizations may not have the resources to conduct every interview and may already have a long list of names. If this method interests you the most, consider volunteering with a local organization to help collect interviews as well as having yours documented.