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About West Virginia's Veterans History Project

As of March 23,2003 only 21 submissions from the state of West Virginia had been received. Approximately 202,000 veterans reside in West Virginia - out of a population of 1.8 million. West Virginia has the highest number of veterans per capita in the nation.

Senator Robert C. Byrd approached West Virginia University in 2002 to help lead the effort in W.Va. to collect the stories of the state's veterans. The WVU School of Journalism has undertaken the challenge and has developed curriculum to help collect the stories and publicize the project.

West Virginia's veterans, active military personnel, and civilians are encouraged to contact the WVU School of Journalism to find out more about partner organizations around the state.

If you are a veteran, you possess a valuable resource in your war memories and military experience, and we encourage you to participate as both an interviewer and an interviewee. Contact us to find out more about participating in West Virginia's Veteran's History Project.